Celebrating a Fifth Anniversary: Gift Ideas for the Happy Couple

When it comes to celebrating a fifth wedding anniversary, it pays to remember that the traditional gift will be made of wood. This is actually a great place to begin looking for something that is unique, attractive, and in keeping with the occasion. Here are some ideas for personalised wooden gifts what are sure to please.

Something for the House

People who love to receive practical things will love the idea of a wooden wedding anniversary gift that they can put to use immediately. Think about the possibility of preparing a special wooden platter that is stained and sealed to just the right hue. To add a personal touch, think about having the platter carved to include the names of the couple along with their wedding date. An alternative is to carve in a quote from a favorite literary work that the couple will appreciate.

If the happy couple love to cook, think about investing in a gift they can use in the kitchen. Customized cutting boards are worth considering, especially if they are designed to keep anything from slipping off the board during food preparation. A beautiful set of salt and gifts for 5th wedding anniversary pepper mills makes it easier to grind fresh spices for use in different dishes. Even something like a teak-wood salad set will make a great gift for the anniversary.

Wooden items designed to help add charm to the home are also worth considering. Think about investing in a set of wooden picture frames the couple can use to dress up a hallway. Perhaps an old-fashioned quilt rack would allow them to display that antique quilt they bought during their last vacation. Think about each room of the house and what the couple already use in terms of decorating accents. That will make it easier to find something that is to their taste.

Giving Individual Gifts

While it is fine to provide one gift for the couple, there is also the option of getting each person something of their own. For 5th anniversary gifts for her, consider options like a jewelry box or chest complete with a lock. Make sure the interior includes everything needed to organize the jewelry with ease. When it comes to 5th anniversary gifts for him, consider the idea of a wooden lap desk that can be used with tablets or laptop computers. The design can include a place to attach a light and even a spot to keep a pen or pencil to jot down quick notes.'

Keep in mind that the goal is to choose something the couple will enjoy using in the years to come. Take the time to consider their hobbies and interests, along with things that they could put to good use around the house. Even if the couple seems to have everything they could possibly want, the loved one will be surprised how many wooden products would make an ideal anniversary present.